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Until Dawn 4

Until Dawn

… I saw from the outset that the characters are stunningly realistic, as if you’re looking at the real actors and actresses, rather than video game animations. Several times, my family members saw me playing the game and they asked, ‘Is that a movie or a game?’ … Most game publishers advertise their games as ‘cinematic.’ But this lives up to that claim. I’ve never been fooled by 3D graphics as much as I was in this game. The human faces look real …  Dean Takahashi

Cubic Motion and 3Lateral were delighted to work together to produce great results on Supermassive’s Until Dawn. Cubic Motion supplied facial animation to 3Lateral, bringing life to their outstanding rigs, each of which was built using 3Lateral’s custom head-scanning systems, asset-creation technologies and extensive production services. One of the highlights is Rig Logic, 3Lateral’s proprietary system for advanced rig behavior.

Check out a gameplay trailer from Until Dawn here:

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Great rigs deserve the best animation technology and an expert team. Why create state-of-the-art-assets and then animate them with cheap pose-based tools? Cubic Motion ensures that even the most complex character rigs are animated to maximum fidelity, at unprecedented speed.