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The Order: 1886

Cubic Motion was delighted to deliver large volumes of performance-driven facial animation on SCEA/Ready At Dawn’s visual spectacular, The Order: 1886.

“I did want to take a moment to call out one area above all others — facial animations. The Ready at Dawn team have created character faces that are simply astonishing. When a game gives you hyper-realistic faces, it’s usually dead eyes and awkward movements that drop us right into the middle of the uncanny valley, but The Order crosses that valley with flying colors. Sir Galahad, Sir Percival, Lady Igraine, and Knight’s Apprentice Lafayette look amazing, but that’s expected as they are the main characters, right? Well, every other character in the game received a near equal amount of work as everyone in this game is CGI-quality. I have never seen a game pay this much attention to its peripheral characters. During the cinematic moments, the incredible graphical fidelity sucks you in and locks you there in a way that few games ever have. Ready at Dawn better make some room on a shelf for some awards — The Order: 1886 is absolutely gorgeous.” GamingTrend

“The voice actors bring the characters to life in wonderful ways, helped along by facial animations that have to be seen to be believed. Characters don’t just talk, they emote. Facial ticks and eyes that behold a curious sense of life occasionally give the impression of watching an interactive movie, which is a good thing, as 1886 likes its conversations.” God is a Geek