Experience and expertise.

Led by some of the world’s leading researchers in advanced analysis of spatiotemporal data, and comprising a large team of technologists and highly experienced specialists, Cubic Motion solves some of the most challenging technical problems in computer vision and facial animation. We’re trusted by major developers and studios to provide extremely high quality animation at unprecedented speed. We typically achieve this by accurately analyzing (e.g. from video) the human face, to support our team of facial animation experts. We can also provide a range of data analysis technology and services for partners in the animation, software development and other industries.

Management and Advisers.

Gareth Edwards M.Sc. Ph.D. CEO: Dr. Edwards has 20 years experience bringing state-of-the-art technologies to the animation and medical industries, turning groundbreaking research into products and services which transform workflows. Working with Professor Chris Taylor FrEng OBE and Professor Tim Cootes, he invented the Active Appearance Model, one of the most widely used (for example in the Microsoft Kinect face tracker) and widely cited methods in the analysis of video and medical images, for which the team was awarded the Olympus Science for Life Prize and Dr. Edwards was personally awarded the Sullivan Prize. Edwards, Cootes and Taylor were also awarded the 2015 Test of Time Award at the IEEE Conference on Face and Gesture Recognition (IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Biometrics Council) for “one of the most influential papers in the field and inspired many (if not all) subsequent works on deformable models for face analysis.” As well as his work in broad-based computer vision, Dr. Edwards is a pioneer in the field of facial analysis and facial animation. He continues to lead the research and development of state-of-the-art algorithms and software platforms for complex model-based analysis of images, video and depth data, applicable to a large variety of the most challenging problems in computer vision. In addition to senior management and leadership roles in technology companies, he has advised a number of early stage and high-growth businesses, including acting as a mentor for the Ignite 100 accelerator program.

Andy Wood. B.A. Chairman: Andy is a highly experienced executive in video game development and the creative industries. He has been involved in the development and marketing of over 50 Number One titles; co-founding USD, Mirage, The Producers, Actualize and UKIE. Andy also co-founded Gabble – a visual language, and the digital design agency Great Fridays with Peter Gabriel. Great Fridays were acquired by EPAM in October 2014. Andy co-founded WholeWorldBand with Kevin Godley which was released on iPhone in 2014 following successful first and second round funding of $5m. Andy has previously been CEO of Image Metrics, guiding it through times of profitability and growth. He has been a Board Advisor and shareholder of Cubic Motion since 2009.

Tiff Pike. CFOTiff has over 20 years executive experience covering all aspects of the strategic, financial, commercial and legal operations of fast growing SME’s. A chartered accountant, Tiff worked at Ernst & Young before taking on numerous CFO roles including with digital music retailer OD2 (acquired by Nasdaq listed Loudeye for USD$60m in 2004) and product and service design agency Great Fridays (acquired by NYSE listed EPAM Systems in 2014). In addition to the role at Cubic Motion, Tiff sits on the Board of a number of others businesses including Peter Gabriel’s Real World Group.

Steve Caulkin M.Phys. Ph.D. CTO: Dr. Caulkin is a computer vision researcher and technologist with expertise in a diverse range of applications. He completed his Ph.D. in 2001, developing model-based approaches for simulating abnormalities in digital mammograms. Steve has led research in a number of commercial projects areas, including cytology, face recognition and security. In recent years, his research has focused on applications in facial feature tracking and animation. As CTO of Cubic Motion, Steve specialises in developing algorithms and statistical techniques to produce high quality facial animation from performance data. This involves analysing and interpreting video, audio and motion capture data to create a representation of an actor’s performance, which is then mapped onto a digital character. As well as creating new algorithms for efficiently and accurately tracking features in video, his research involves developing non-linear mapping techniques required to animate state of the art facial rigs. Steve has 10 years’ experience working in facial animation for a range of film and game projects, often constructing  technology pipelines to meet specific artistic and production requirements in each case.

Professor Chris Taylor OBE FREng: (Advisory board member)A member of Cubic Motion’s advisory team, Professor Taylor has been at the forefront of computer vision research for over 35 years, with some of the most highly cited publications in the field and a strong record in technology transfer.  He is currently Associate Vice President Research for the University of Manchester and, until recently, Head of the School of Computer Science.  He founded, and continues to be based in, Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, one of the world’s leading research centres in computer vision and medical image analysis.  He is a Distinguished Fellow of the British Machine Vision Association (2003), International Association for Pattern Recognition (2004) and Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Intervention Society (2009).  He was awarded an OBE in 2000, and elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2006.

Simon Elms ACA, Director: Simon has a long history of success in the gaming and animation industries, including becoming the youngest CFO of an AIM-listed public company with the flotation of Warthog. He also previously served as CFO of Image Metrics helping to reverse the business into a US public company. Simon brings to Cubic Motion many years of experience in high growth private and public companies. A chartered accountant, he combines passion for detail with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Steven Dorning Ph.D. Director of Software: Dr. Dorning is an expert in software architecture and engineering, leading the development of Cubic Motion’s pipeline tools. A nuclear physicist by training, Steven has twenty years experience in scientific computing and commercial application development in various technical fields including, gamma-ray spectroscopy, drug purification, computer vision and character animation. He is a leading expert in the integration of computer vision and advanced animation technologies to produce highly efficient animation pipelines.

Mike Jones M.Sc. Director of Production: Mike is a highly experienced producer with ten years experience producing and delivering large quantities of facial animation for video games, TV and the film industry. He is responsible for creating bespoke pipelines to ensure that the clients demands are met, utilising the latest technology, and defining the development strategy for internal tools to ensure that the pipelines remain as efficient as possible. Mike spent six years as a software developer in various roles from developer to project manager, creating several applications for the medical, security and animation industries using advanced computer vision technology.

David Barton B.Sc. Head Producer: David is Senior Producer and member of the Management team at Cubic Motion. For the past 4 years he has been deeply involved in the studio growth using his 10 years of animation production experience. David previously worked as a producer for Activison where he designed and implemented a game cinematic pipeline at a studio that had no previous experience in that area of game development. As an early member of the Image Metrics team (from 2001), David delivered facial animation for many AAA video game and feature film projects for clients such as Rockstar Games, Sony Computer Entertainment and Digital Domain. In 2006 David opened Image Metrics Inc. in Santa Monica, CA and was responsible for all production based in the US. He spent 3 years in Santa Monica growing the studio to over 40 production staff, and was instrumental in securing many projects, including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt a project where he was responsible for delivering photo-realistic animation of Brad Pitt himself, an industry benchmark at the time. Before joining Image Metrics David completed a B. Sc. in Physics at Leeds University and a two year management program with a FTSE 100 company.

Doug Tate B.Sc. Director of Hardware and Systems: Doug is a highly experienced software developer by background, but with extensive knowledge of animation and visual effects. He has a long track record supervising production on extremely high-volume projects. Doug has particular expertise in capture and recording solutions and works closely with our clients to ensure optimal data acquisition.