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Cubic Motion is pleased to announce our collaboration with Ninja Theory and 3lateral, to provide state-of-the-art facial animation for Hellblade. In this project, we’re driving facial performances using stereo head-mounted capture – our Qommotion™ tracking technology and is completely configurable to any type of object tracking, from any number of cameras. Watch this space for more details and examples of stunning facial performance. In the meantime, learn more about the development of the “Face of Senua” and the facial performance capture by following Ninja Theory’s Official Development Diary.

We take video (single or multi-camera, with or without markers), depth, or even just audio and transform it into outstanding animation at unbelievable speed. Our efficiency is unrivaled, due to proprietary technologies developed by our world-renowned and international award-winning computer vision and facial animation researchers. From AAA blockbusters to cutting-edge indie games, the world’s top developers transform the speed and cost of facial animation by trusting the industry’s outstanding delivery experts, Cubic Motion.