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  • Melina1


    Cubic Motion is pleased to announce our collaboration with Ninja Theory and 3lateral, to provide state-of-the-art facial animation for Hellblade. In this project, we’re driving facial performances using stereo head-mounted capture – our Qommotion™ tracking technology and is completely configurable to any type of object tracking, …

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  • Supernova


    We were delighted to work with our friends at Axis Animation again, this time on their amazing work for the recently released Supernova announcement trailer (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc / Primal Game Studio Ltd). Cubic Motion provided facial animation data to Axis Animation for …

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  • Until Dawn 4

    Until Dawn

    … I saw from the outset that the characters are stunningly realistic, as if you’re looking at the real actors and actresses, rather than video game animations. Several times, my family members saw me playing the game and they asked, ‘Is that a movie or …

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  • Pal2

    Computer Vision for VR and AR

    The AR and VR market is expected to grow to $150 Billion by 2020. This won’t happen without powerful computer vision. Once the preserve of specialist fields such as medical imaging, machine vision is the next revolution in computing and will be at the heart …

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  • The Order 1886 Ready At Dawn SCEA1

    The Order: 1886

    Cubic Motion was delighted to deliver large volumes of performance-driven facial animation on SCEA/Ready At Dawn’s visual spectacular, The Order: 1886. “I did want to take a moment to call out one area above all others — facial animations. The Ready at Dawn team have created character …

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  • BAK Sshot1491

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    We are delighted to announce our involvement in the visually stunning new release Batman: Arkham Knight from Rocksteady Studios and Warner Brothers. Cubic Motion delivered a large quantity of facial animation across the hero characters involved in this great title. An ever-growing roster of the …

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  • Starcitizen1

    Star Citizen at E3

    You may already have heard that Cubic Motion is working with Cloud Imperium on the incredibly exciting crowd-funded game, Star Citizen. We’re on board to help ensure this much anticipated project has state-of-the-art facial animation. Check out an update from E3:

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  • CallofDuty

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Cubic Motion was pleased to be Sledgehammer Games‘ partner in delivering world-class facial animation for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Activision). Still trying to produce AAA animation with cheap retargeting tools? It’s time to get up to speed.

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  • Synchro

    Cheap real-time tools?

    We produce huge volumes of the industry’s facial animation. Our clients trust us to deliver every shot to the same exacting standards, and to meet tight production schedules. Naturally, this requires some heavyweight technologies and extensive production expertise. Pretty much everything we do uses specialist in-house tech. But, …

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  • Japanese1

    Japanese Example

    Why do see we so little performance-driven animation in languages other than English? Are the old production methods such as pose-based retargeting too slow and expensive? Cheap “real time” tools too imprecise and takes too long to clean up their output? Maybe it’s time to test with …

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