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  • Winners

    We won SIGGRAPH real-time live!

    We have just won the Siggraph 2016 Award for Best Real-Time Graphics & Interactivity for a showcase demonstration of our computer vision and facial solving technology! Watch the full session here: In the unprecedented showing, “From Previs to Final in Five Minutes: A Breakthrough …

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  • Maxresdefault

    Cubic goes real-time at GDC

    Cubic Motion gets Unreal with world’s first real-time high fidelity live performance system – driven by ground breaking computer vision. “Cubic Motion’s real-time facial performance capture is awe-inspiring. In two years or so their computer vision technology will add a real-time element to enable streaming …

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  • Melina1


    Cubic Motion is pleased to announce our collaboration with Ninja Theory and 3lateral, to provide state-of-the-art facial animation for Hellblade. In this project, we’re driving facial performances using stereo head-mounted capture – our Qommotion™ tracking technology and is completely configurable to any type of object tracking, …

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  • Cubicmotion Logo Only Wide1

    Cubic Motion strengthens board of directors

    Cubic Motion today announced the appointment of Tiff Pike to the board of directors, further strengthening the computer vision and facial animation specialist’s management team. Tiff has over 20 years executive experience covering all aspects of the strategic, financial, commercial and legal operations of fast …

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  • Squadron 42

    Qommotion™ Technology

    David Barton discusses some processes used here, with specific reference to a game project – Squadron 42 – and the performance capture of Gary Oldman. We take video (single or multi-camera, with or without markers), depth, or even just audio and transform it into outstanding …

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  • A7559a635c34a6b12412774b530f8584

    Star Citizen Movie Cast

    Develop Online reports that Star Citizen’s single-player campaign Squadron 42 will have a top-level movie cast bigger than any other game, according to CEO Chris Roberts. Read Craig Chapple’s report for more detail. Cloud Imperium is working with firms such as 3Lateral and Cubic Motion to …

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  • Supernova


    We were delighted to work with our friends at Axis Animation again, this time on their amazing work for the recently released Supernova announcement trailer (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc / Primal Game Studio Ltd). Cubic Motion provided facial animation data to Axis Animation for …

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  • Until Dawn 4

    Until Dawn

    … I saw from the outset that the characters are stunningly realistic, as if you’re looking at the real actors and actresses, rather than video game animations. Several times, my family members saw me playing the game and they asked, ‘Is that a movie or …

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  • Pal2

    Computer Vision for VR and AR

    The AR and VR market is expected to grow to $150 Billion by 2020. This won’t happen without powerful computer vision. Once the preserve of specialist fields such as medical imaging, machine vision is the next revolution in computing and will be at the heart …

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  • The Order 1886 Ready At Dawn SCEA1

    The Order: 1886

    Cubic Motion was delighted to deliver large volumes of performance-driven facial animation on SCEA/Ready At Dawn’s visual spectacular, The Order: 1886. “I did want to take a moment to call out one area above all others — facial animations. The Ready at Dawn team have created character …

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