Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2015’

  • Starcitizen1

    Star Citizen at E3

    You may already have heard that Cubic Motion is working with Cloud Imperium on the incredibly exciting crowd-funded game, Star Citizen. We’re on board to help ensure this much anticipated project has state-of-the-art facial animation. Check out an update from E3:

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  • Synchro

    Cheap real-time tools?

    We produce huge volumes of the industry’s facial animation. Our clients trust us to deliver every shot to the same exacting standards, and to meet tight production schedules. Naturally, this requires some heavyweight technologies and extensive production expertise. Pretty much everything we do uses specialist in-house tech. But, …

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  • Japanese1

    Japanese Example

    Why do see we so little performance-driven animation in languages other than English? Are the old production methods such as pose-based retargeting too slow and expensive? Cheap “real time” tools too imprecise and takes too long to clean up their output? Maybe it’s time to test with …

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