Computer Vision and Facial Animation

We turn video, depth, mocap or audio into stunning animation at unprecedented speed. Results are always production ready but fully editable, and can be optionally delivered with simple but effective retargeting tools for on-site changes to style by your team.

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Powerful Technology

Our powerful technologies and uniquely focused animation team have revolutionized facial animation, promising consistent and timely production leaving you to focus on making a great product. Of course, final data is fully editable by your team, regardless of input - video, 4D scans, mocap or audio.

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Driven by Performance

Alongside the world's most powerful solution for animation from performance capture, we offer a revolutionary service for ultra-high quality full face animation from just audio, producing better animation than many performance capture systems but in huge volumes and at low cost.

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Computer Vision

We use some of the world's most powerful image analysis technology, and can make this available under license to our partners for internal use or for live applications. Track and solve complex and variable visual data in any application and on any hardware, including mobile devices.

A Trusted Partner

"Hands down Cubic Motion is the best 3d vendor, to date, I have ever had the privilege of working with....I would definitely advocate working with Cubic on any future project ..." Wayne Wong-Chong. (Principal Technical Artist, Relic Entertainment)

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World-leading computer vision and machine learning, delivering ultra-efficient facial animation from video, depth, or even audio.

Great facial animation matters – do it right


Cubic Motion produces much of world’s facial animation using our Qommotion™ technologies and a large team of facial experts. We can work with almost any rig, from almost any data – such as single or multi-camera performance capture, or even audio. We typically deliver production quality (but fully editable and animator-friendly) data on a rig’s user interface. We can also supply additional retargeting tools to enable your artists to rapidly apply desired changes to animation style. We also license computer vision and machine learning technologies to selected partners. 

Facial animation from video performance

We lead the field in performance-driven animation because we understand that capture should be extremely accurate and complete. But we also know that capture alone is useless - equally important is the science of solving to complex modern rigs. We create advanced custom solvers for every asset, using powerful unique technologies available only at Cubic Motion, so that our expert team of facial specialists can deliver the very best results from any data on any rig.

Facial animation from your audio

Alternatively, we can create large volumes of great animation of the whole face – not just lip-sync – from audio files. Amazingly expressive animation at unbelievable speed with no capture cost. Although this pipeline eliminates the need for you to film or otherwise capture actors, the animation curves we produce have a very natural, ‘organic’ nature. This is no accident, since our processes create motion based on a complex analysis of observed real-life movements of human faces as they speak and act.

Technology licensing

In many circumstances we can license our Qommotion™ computer vision and pipeline technologies for use in client software products or studio production pipelines. Contact us for further details.